Single Installment Loan – Installment Calculation and Simulation

Everything you need to know about the Single Installment loan offered by Fermloanistic . The characteristics of this form of financing, to understand to whom it is addressed, the amount that can be requested and the number of installments in which to repay the repayment. Finally, how to request a loan quote via online simulation with installment calculation and interest rates.

How it works and why choose this personal loan

how it works and why choose this personal loan

If you are looking for any kind of financing, the solution to your problems will most likely be one of Fermloanistic’s personal loans . This company can guarantee professionalism and experience in the sector, which translates into products designed specifically for any need the customer may have.

For this reason, in the list of personal loans offered by Fermloanistic we find the one that takes the name of ” Single Installment “. On this page you will find all the information about it, as it is a form of financing that can be useful for many. First of all, let’s look at the category of loans in which the Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan is placed.

This is obviously a personal loan, given that it is aimed at individuals and the purpose is not linked to a work project. There are different expenses that can be met with the Rata Unica loan, and there are no particular constraints in this regard.

But what is the main feature of the Rata Unica Fermloanistic loan? Obviously this is what is suggested to us by the very name of the product, which in fact allows us to unify different installments into one.

In particular, this type of financing is known as ” debt consolidation “, and especially in recent years it has spread enormously. To better understand who this personal loan is for, think about how many times you happen to buy any good or service by choosing the payment in installments .

For example, if we buy a car, the dealer will offer us the possibility of paying in convenient installments; in the same way, if we buy a TV, a household appliance or a mobile phone, the big electronic stores allow us to delay the payment, and the same happens when we organize a vacation in a travel agency.

Today many products can be paid in installments, but this also means that you are in the situation of paying multiple installments simultaneously .

The excellent opportunity to pay different products in comfortable installments leads to various problems: first, each installment will have its own expiry date and therefore it is easy to get confused; moreover the conditions of the loan in terms of interest rates are different, and in general it is certainly not convenient to have different financial interlocutors.

Furthermore, how can you receive additional liquidity if you want to create a new project? The solution to all these problems is the Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan. By choosing this form of financing it is possible to pay off all the loans in progress, even if they have been disbursed by other companies.

The amount we will have to request will therefore be equal to the sum of the residual debts with the other banks , plus any additional liquidity . At this point the reimbursement plan will therefore be redefined, and we will have the possibility of fixing the single installment we prefer, so as to finally have a single interlocutor and a single monthly deadline.

Amount that can be requested, duration and requirements

money loan

After analyzing the main features of the Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan and seeing why this product could be useful, let us consider the economic characteristics of this loan. These are practically the same as classic Fermloanistic personal loans. First of all, as regards the amount that can be requested, this is quite high.

With the Single Installment loan we can in fact receive up to 60,000 dollars . Obviously this maximum threshold considers both the residual debt that we have with other banks or financial institutions and the new liquidity that we want to request. As for the duration we will have the possibility to choose the one we prefer, with a good flexibility .

The number of installments to be reimbursed ranges from a minimum of 48 to a maximum of 108 . As always, the choice must be made based on the amount of each monthly payment but also on the basis of the interest rates applied. The cost of our financing in terms of interest will in fact be the higher the longer we set.

As for the requirements to be able to receive the Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan, even in this case there are no particular differences compared to those needed to access classic personal loans. The age of the applicant must necessarily be between 18 and 75 years , while the residence must be in Italian territory .

The fundamental requirement is then to have an income that allows us to tackle the repayment installment that we will fix without problems. The income document to be presented varies according to the type of client submitting the request: the employees must present the last pay slip or the employment contract, the pensioners must present the last pension slip , while the self-employed workers can access the desired financing through the presentation of the tax return (single model). In general, therefore, the documentation required to obtain a Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan is the standard one required to obtain any personal loan.

From the point of view of the ease with which you can get the desired debt consolidation loan however it is not exactly the same thing. This is because, as we have already said, we are talking about a loan for those who have other loans in progress.

Consequently, in the event that we wish to obtain additional liquidity, the monthly expenditure for our loans will increase precisely because of this new sum of money that will be paid to us. In some cases it can happen that the total expenditure that will have to be faced is too high for the perceived income.

For this reason the company can refuse our request for financing . How to do in this case to get the money we need? A solution may be to continue paying the old loans in progress in order to subsequently submit the request for Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan, when the residual debt with the other banks will be less.

Alternatively the solution is as always the presentation of a guarantor who has a valid income document in order to convince the company to accept our request.

Installment calculation and simulation

Installment calculation and simulation

If you are interested in the Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan, the best solution is, as always, to request a free quote . With Fermloanistic, making a simulation of the financing in which we are interested is extremely simple and fast , since it is possible to use the online simulator.

To make the calculation of the single installment that will be offered to us by the company we will not even have to register: all that is required of us are the characteristics of the financing in which we are interested. To do this we will have to use the classic personal loan simulator that we find on Fermloanistic’s website.

In our case we are interested in receiving a quote for a Single Installment loan, therefore in the drop-down menu where we are asked which project we want to realize we will have to ” Single Installment – Consolidation with New Project “.

After selecting this item, all we have to do is enter the amount of our funding in the appropriate space . Obviously this amount must be between $ 1,000 and $ 60,000, and at this stage it will not be necessary to specify the part of the money related to the extinction of the old loans and the part related to the additional liquidity.

By clicking on ” Calculate the Loan ” we will then start the simulation, and the result we will obtain will be the list of estimates offered by Fermloanistic. In particular, on the page of the proposals selected for us, a table is presented in which each row refers to a duration that we can choose.

The monthly repayment rate and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates are specified for each term. Fermloanistic’s online simulator is therefore an excellent tool as it allows us to instantly compare all the possible solutions that will be offered to us if we want a Rata Unica loan, which we can also compare with a quote requested from another company.

To better assess the economic conditions of the Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan, we requested an online quote for a $ 30,000 loan . In this case the Fermloanistic “solution selected for us ” is the one that provides for a 96 month repayment. Choosing this repayment plan, the monthly installments we are going to face will be equal to 434.40 dollars , while the interest rates applied will be a Tan 8.67% and Taeg 9.02% .

Our advice is always to choose the lowest possible duration, among those that obviously require a repayment installment within your reach. Once you find the ideal solution for you through this online simulation, you can immediately proceed with the actual loan request in one click. At this point, to request the Fermloanistic Rata Unica loan, you simply need to enter the personal data that will be requested and all the necessary documentation.

In order to be able to request financing completely online, the use of digital signatures is essential, which guarantees the exchange of data and documents online in total security.

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