Savings and Solidarity

42% of Spaniards manage to save between 5% and 30% of our income per month, according to the II edition of the study “Spaniards in the face of savings and retirement” carried out by the Aviba Institute. On the other hand, two out of ten Spaniards manage to save more than 30% of the money they enter in their personal accounts. In total, 67% manage to save some money at the end of the month, however little.

The end of saving has a reason. Everyone who saves has a goal or objective that drives us to fasten our belts every month to increase our savings. And, the app Bluebird is help for savings, whatever the reason.


Why do we save

save money

  • Long-term savings: One of the main reasons to save is to think about retirement. The goal is to maintain the standard of living when working. The Government does not claim to be able to offer the pensions that correspond to each Spanish on the day they retire. For this reason, we save to have a good economic mattress in the future.
  • Savings for large payments: We all have significant expenses to make throughout our lives. For example, the payment of the mortgage, a car, the college or university of our children, etc. This is the reason that drives us to plan personalized savings in advance, knowing what we want or need to spend that money on.
  • Savings as a forecast: We save to get security and economic capacity in the future. We ensure that we will have the necessary resources to deal with unexpected problems or circumstances .
  • Saving for daily life: Leisure and enjoyment are other fundamental reasons for us to save. We work a minimum of 5 days a week, so having savings that allow you to enjoy leisure activities and entertainment is more than necessary for the happiness of each person and their mental health.
  • Savings for travel: In relation to the last point, many Spaniards save with a mind set on travel. Many people like to know new cities and countries. We believe it is a good way to invest money.
  • Health savings: A relevant aspect for people is health. In some cases, we will need to invest the money in medicines, operations, assistance, etc. Therefore, the Spaniards devote an average of 3,364 euros per year to the aspect of health.


Another reason that encourages us to save

Another reason that encourages us to save

A very interesting reason to save is to think of others. That a part of what you earn goes to helping people with diseases , especially children, contributes to a better society. Unfortunately, many children in our country are victims of cancer. Many associations work day and night in the investigation of new formulas and medications that can end this disease, and give them a magnificent quality of life. An example is found in the non-profit association called Becky’s Dream . They have developed a project whose main idea is to beat childhood cancer through research.

The first step is to have sufficient funds to investigate the problem thoroughly. In our country, more than 1,200 cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed per year, and without funding, it is not possible to carry out a long-term investigation that finds the definitive solution. Therefore, they are working to raise awareness in society to contribute their grain of sand. There are already many people who have shown solidarity with this project and have started to work to save a portion of their income and allocate them to Becky’s Dream.

From Bluebird we are in solidarity with this project and we help all those who wish to allocate any kind of help to Becky’s Dream here. There is no limit amount to help in childhood cancer research. With little or much we can contribute, we will be helping to build a new hope in the little ones. Together we can contribute to the fight against cancer!

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